EdiMotion 13. – 16.10.2023

International Masterclass

Working with Feedback - Decode, Transform, Create your Vision

Lecturer: Çiçek Kahraman (TUR)

The audiovisual landscape is evolving, and the ways we consume visual stories have been gravely transformed. As digital streaming platforms continue to dominate the market, the role of film editors has never been more crucial, and the transformative power of feedback has never been as visible. As working with feedback is a two way road, the position of the editor both as the receiver and the provider of feedback has become paramount. Not only does the editor need to be proficient in giving feedback to the editorial team for seamless collaboration, but they also need to be effective interpreters of feedback coming either from the director or the studio executives.

The workshop will be lead by Çiçek Kahraman who has been working with Netflix as a creative editorial consultant for both fiction and non-fiction titles in Europe. Coming from an art house cinema tradition with over two dozen feature films, and a longtime collaborator of Emin Alper, she has extensive experience on both, independent feature films and streaming platform productions. Having delivered on both ends of the feedback chain as an editor and a consultant, she has the advantage of knowing the concerns, the priorities and the stakes of both sides, which she will share with examples in the workshop.

In this immersive workshop, you will be guided through the intricacies and challenges of harmonizing feedback with your creative vision, resulting in sequences that are upgraded to the next level. The aim is to empower you to decode the language of feedback, and transform it into creative storytelling. You will be provided footage from the editor’s recent movie Snow and The Bear, the lead actress of which has won the best actress at the latest Cannes Film Festival.

Workshop Overview:

Interpreting Feedback: Understanding and implementing producer/studio feedback to elevate the story telling.

The Collaborative Canvas: Exploring the dynamic interplay between editors, directors, and producers for nurturing a collaborative synergy.

Navigating Artistic Differences: Developing ways to manage creative differences and to handle varying opinions and artistic preferences for turning potential challenges into opportunities.

Responding to Feedback: Transforming the feedback process into a conversation between the producers/executives and the creative team for clear and direct communication.

Before Everything was the Script: Giving editorial feedback on the script, both to avoid possible hardships during editing and also to provide early creative contribution to the narration of the story.

Friday, 13.10.2023
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
location: ifs internationale filmschule köln
Schanzenstraße 28
51063 Köln

regular 270 €
reduced 230 €

The participation fee is reduced for members of our cooperation partners: BFS, aea, sffv, bvft, Filmbüro NW, VeDRA, AG Dok, LaDoc, as well as participants of the IFEF.


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